Should Capital Amount Really Be a Large One?

Many of the people are having a wrong perception on starting up a business. Their mind is struggling with lot and lot of dilemmas. At times, questions might be – ‘How much amount should be invested?’ ; ‘How much money is needed?’ ; ‘Is it possible to start a business with this or that much of money?’ and many more. 

Before getting into discussion, let me share my opinion. ‘Money is not such a big deal in starting up a business’. Why am I saying like this? Okay, let me explain.

Because, ‘Business is the one, in which the value should get revised and PROFIT should be earned atlast’. It is something not about selling this many items. It is about, selling an item ‘WITH PROFIT OR WITHOUT LOSS’ !

Even if you spend a single penny on some item, you have to make it twice or thrice, which makes you to increase the quantity of items in next stage. For example, I am buying only one pen for Rs.10. And I am selling the same pen for Rs.20. So during my next purchase I can purchase 2 pens and sell them for Rs.40. And thus my purchase is getting doubled everytime. 

Thus, capital amount can be a small in starting up a business; But the only thing is, items should be sold out ‘WITH PROFIT OR WITHOUT LOSS’ !


எனது அன்றாட இரயில் பயணத்தில் இன்று நான் சந்தித்த ஒருவர் !

நம்மில் பலர் எதிர்காலம் சிறப்பாக அமைய வேண்டுகிறோம். ஆனால் இவர் தனது தள்ளாத வயதிலும், ஒரு வேளை உணவிற்காக உழைக்க வேண்டிய கட்டாயத்தில் !!

தன்னை தாங்கி பிடிக்க எவரேனும் உள்ளரா என நினைக்காமல், தன் இடுப்பில் கூடையும், கைகளில் மூன்று பைகளையும் சுமந்து கொண்டு, இவர் உரக்க கூவி பூக்களை கூட விற்க முடியாமல் இருக்கும் நிலையைக் கண்ட என்னால் செய்ய முடிந்தது – 

பத்து ரூபாய் கொடுத்து பூக்களை வாங்கியதும், சிறிது கண்ணீர் சிந்தலும் மட்டுமே!

Why Tamilnadu Is Against NEET – From my view

NEET – National Eligibility cum Entrance Test which is the ‘common’ test conducted by our Central Government to get MBBS/BDS admission.

Is this test really a common one? On what basis we can say it as common? Since it’s being conducted in nation wide?? The common test shud be the one which can be attempted by common students. Here ‘Common’ I mean is, the students should have equal  knowledge; they should have equal exposure !

I am not sure about other states. But here in TN, right from K.G class, students are advised to focus on scoring more marks rather than gaining knowledge. This pressure is given by both – school and family.

Let’s see about family first. The ultimate aim of most of the parents is to make their kid, a topper among their friends and relatives circle. They don’t think abt bringing up ‘a smart kid’, but ‘a topper kid’.

The miserable pressure is given from school side. Most of the schools’ main duty is targeting 100% result. ‘They want topper students. But they won’t think about making their students knowledgeable’.

Reasons behind all these issues related to education are – Money based education, Mark based education, Community based reservations. The aim of Government in conducting a common exam is appreciative ! But ‘to conduct a common exam, there should be a common education system’ !!

In games like wrestling and boxing itself we have categories. People are allowed to compete only with the same category person. Then how here in attempting exam, two diff levels of students can compete?

Ofcourse you can question me, ‘Knowledge is something apart from education; To attempt these exams one should have some knowledge and not education’. I agree, but our education system pressured us to score marks and we didn’t find time to think something beyond our books’ ! And even if we raise a doubt or question in class, most of the time the reply from teacher would be “This thing is not there in your syllabus” !!

So the Government, which is famous for passing immediate and trending laws, please hold NEET for some time and provide equal education first !

We the people of TN are not against NEET ! We are requesting the Government to conduct exam in fair manner !!


The moment when ‘she’ gets a chance to conquer the world, is the moment ‘she’ has to learn adjustments.

‘She’ – so far the princess of her dad, angel of her mom, sweet devil of his bro, is now becoming a common survivor of the society. The rough rules and acts against violence will not protect her, but her adjustment does. 

It is not just the sun rises every morning, but also the hurdles and troubles for ‘she’. Her eyes should get closed, when ‘she’ is witnessing anything wrong in the society; Her voice shouldn’t get raised, when ‘she’ is facing any harassment; Her emotions should get buried, when ‘she’ is not okay with something; Her hands shouldn’t write the complaint, even when she is raped. 

These many adjustments will never make her a great being in society or earn her good name from in-laws, but it makes ‘she’ a weak one. ‘She’ – a well educated, bold and strong girl, but to survive, ‘she’ has to be ‘adjustable’. 

 This ‘She’ can be your mom, your sister, your wife, your friend or ‘you – the most adaptive creature of the world, with lots of pain and untold stories deep inside’.

This is How Coke and Pepsi Ban Happened in Tamilnadu

Two major carbonated soft drink brands, the whole world knows are ‘Coke’ and ‘Pepsi’. The companies are earning good revenue from big countries like India. Nowhere, but in Tamilnadu (a state in India), the Coke and Pepsi products got banned recently. If at all, other states of India follow the same ban, obviously there will be a dip in both the companies’ revenue. This ban was not declared by the Government; however it was implemented by the retailers’ association of the state. People are pleased with this ban, as both the brands are foreign-based and they are trying to establish their factories in India which could exploit the water resources majorly.

 It started from where?

Jallikattu Movement – It’s all started from here. Many of the people are unaware of the word ‘Jallikattu’. It is nothing but a traditional bull taming sport conducts in Tamilnadu during the harvest season in the month of January. This annual sport was in practice for many thousands of years before the complete ban of the sport happened in the year 2014. The case was filed against Jallikattu by the PETA organization in the Supreme Court of India, stating that cruelty is getting happened to bulls in the name of sport. People are not happy with the judgment of the court since the sport is a traditional one and the bulls are being part of their family.


So they started to protest against the ban of Jallikattu. First day of the movement was happened in ‘Marina Beach – World’s second longest beach’ by the students belong to various colleges and universities. Their slogans were, ‘Save Jallikattu’, ‘Save Native Breeds of Bull’ and ‘Ban PETA’. Slowly it got momentum and several NGO, Associations, Celebrities, Students, Engineers, Nurses, Advocates, etc., came forward to give their voices. Huge number of people started gathering in different parts of the state and also in other states of the country like Maharashtra, Kerala, Karnataka, Telangana, etc. It not only got restricted within the country, but also went around the world. People belongs to Tamilnadu who got settled in countries like US, Australia, UK, UAE, Singapore, Malaysia, Srilanka, etc., supported the cause.


Later the people put many demands in front. Additional slogans added to the list were ‘Save Farmers’, ‘Save Water’, ‘Ban Coke and Pepsi’, ‘Ban Foreign Products’, etc., While this protest was going on, there was a sudden announcement from the ‘Traders Association of Tamilnadu’. The announcement was, ‘Banning Coke and Pepsi products in Tamilnadu from March 1st, 2017’. It was appreciated by the people greatly. This in turn, silently promoted many other local soft drink brands like ‘Kalimark’, ‘Narimark’, etc., and also increased the sales of natural tender coconut largely. And finally Jallikattu Movement also tasted success, after Government passing a new law, by uplifting the ban on Jallikattu on January 23rd, 2017.

 It was how the ban of Coke and Pepsi products happened in Tamilnadu. The reason for the protest was something beyond. But the goal – ‘Giving priority to native’ was reached to some extent.


The Bhaje Caves of India

In the line of cave temples of Ajanta, Karla, Kanheri and Bedse comes our ‘Bhaje caves’ which is known for its majestic and royal gesture till date. The most amazing thing about the caves of Bhaje is its architectural dignity. The design and carving style belongs to 2nd century BC, which is quite unbelievable. This grand monument is located eastwards of Arabian Sea; to say precisely it belongs to Pune district of Maharashtra.

How to reach?

From Pune, a road towards Mumbai called ‘NH4 – Old Mumbai-Pune highway’ can make you reach the destination ‘Bhaje caves’. Travel can be started from Magarpatta of Pune. Head towards Mumbai for about 6 – 7 km. There will be a left exit towards the place called ‘Malvali’, which is before Lonavala. From Malvali, it would be around 2 km to reach the village of Bhaje. From Bhaje, trekking can be started towards Bhaje caves (for around 30 min), which would be simple and easy.


The entire trekking could be amusing as it should be filled with scenic views of valley and beautiful greenery everywhere. So the best time to visit Bhaje caves is during monsoon season (July – October).

About Bhaje Caves

The caves are located approximately 400 feet above the Bhaje village. It is formed as a composition of 22 caves which were carved 2200 years ago. There are totally 14 stupas in the caves. Out of 14, five stupas are inside the caves and 9 outside the caves. The stupas are relics of resident monks, who died at Bhaja, and display an inscription with the names of three monks, Ampinika, Dhammagiri and Sanghdina. And two of the stupas have a relic box on their upper side.


The carvings in Bhaje caves are extravagant because of the elaborate design of headdress, garlands, jewellery, etc., These caves are protected as a national monument by the Archaeological Survey of India vide notification no 2704-A, dated 26/05/1909.

Major Attractions

Cave No.12 called ‘Chaityagrha’ is 26 feet 8 inches wide and 59 feet long, with wooden shafts separating the gigantic aisles. The dogoba is 11 feet diameter at the floor. Also some caves have restrooms which might be used by monks. And we can see the staircases connecting to the first floor like carved caves, which even contain windows, pillars and verandah. Then several carvings can be seen all over the caves like Lord Surya riding a chariot, Lord Indra riding on elephant, Tabla playing woman, Dancing woman, etc.,


One more attraction is the presence of waterfall besides the last cave. During monsoon season, broad waterfall can be witnessed here.

The view of the caves along with a silent valley on other side will truly be a mesmerizing one!!

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