The moment when ‘she’ gets a chance to conquer the world, is the moment ‘she’ has to learn adjustments.

‘She’ – so far the princess of her dad, angel of her mom, sweet devil of his bro, is now becoming a common survivor of the society. The rough rules and acts against violence will not protect her, but her adjustment does. 

It is not just the sun rises every morning, but also the hurdles and troubles for ‘she’. Her eyes should get closed, when ‘she’ is witnessing anything wrong in the society; Her voice shouldn’t get raised, when ‘she’ is facing any harassment; Her emotions should get buried, when ‘she’ is not okay with something; Her hands shouldn’t write the complaint, even when she is raped. 

These many adjustments will never make her a great being in society or earn her good name from in-laws, but it makes ‘she’ a weak one. ‘She’ – a well educated, bold and strong girl, but to survive, ‘she’ has to be ‘adjustable’. 

 This ‘She’ can be your mom, your sister, your wife, your friend or ‘you – the most adaptive creature of the world, with lots of pain and untold stories deep inside’.


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