Why Tamilnadu Is Against NEET – From my view

NEET – National Eligibility cum Entrance Test which is the ‘common’ test conducted by our Central Government to get MBBS/BDS admission.

Is this test really a common one? On what basis we can say it as common? Since it’s being conducted in nation wide?? The common test shud be the one which can be attempted by common students. Here ‘Common’ I mean is, the students should have equal  knowledge; they should have equal exposure !

I am not sure about other states. But here in TN, right from K.G class, students are advised to focus on scoring more marks rather than gaining knowledge. This pressure is given by both – school and family.

Let’s see about family first. The ultimate aim of most of the parents is to make their kid, a topper among their friends and relatives circle. They don’t think abt bringing up ‘a smart kid’, but ‘a topper kid’.

The miserable pressure is given from school side. Most of the schools’ main duty is targeting 100% result. ‘They want topper students. But they won’t think about making their students knowledgeable’.

Reasons behind all these issues related to education are – Money based education, Mark based education, Community based reservations. The aim of Government in conducting a common exam is appreciative ! But ‘to conduct a common exam, there should be a common education system’ !!

In games like wrestling and boxing itself we have categories. People are allowed to compete only with the same category person. Then how here in attempting exam, two diff levels of students can compete?

Ofcourse you can question me, ‘Knowledge is something apart from education; To attempt these exams one should have some knowledge and not education’. I agree, but our education system pressured us to score marks and we didn’t find time to think something beyond our books’ ! And even if we raise a doubt or question in class, most of the time the reply from teacher would be “This thing is not there in your syllabus” !!

So the Government, which is famous for passing immediate and trending laws, please hold NEET for some time and provide equal education first !

We the people of TN are not against NEET ! We are requesting the Government to conduct exam in fair manner !!


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