Should Capital Amount Really Be a Large One?

Many of the people are having a wrong perception on starting up a business. Their mind is struggling with lot and lot of dilemmas. At times, questions might be – ‘How much amount should be invested?’ ; ‘How much money is needed?’ ; ‘Is it possible to start a business with this or that much of money?’ and many more. 

Before getting into discussion, let me share my opinion. ‘Money is not such a big deal in starting up a business’. Why am I saying like this? Okay, let me explain.

Because, ‘Business is the one, in which the value should get revised and PROFIT should be earned atlast’. It is something not about selling this many items. It is about, selling an item ‘WITH PROFIT OR WITHOUT LOSS’ !

Even if you spend a single penny on some item, you have to make it twice or thrice, which makes you to increase the quantity of items in next stage. For example, I am buying only one pen for Rs.10. And I am selling the same pen for Rs.20. So during my next purchase I can purchase 2 pens and sell them for Rs.40. And thus my purchase is getting doubled everytime. 

Thus, capital amount can be a small in starting up a business; But the only thing is, items should be sold out ‘WITH PROFIT OR WITHOUT LOSS’ !


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